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Program Objective

Aventura Learning Center (ALC) provides a developmentally appropriate program, with the philosophy that children have a right to high quality education. An education which feeds into the inquisitiveness and curiosity, and playfulness each child brings.  ALC sees play as a tool that children use as they explore and attempt to make sense of their world.  When children play, they test their ideas, solve problems and find joy in their activities.  ALC encourages students to actively participate and convey their knowledge in a collaborative, structured, yet fun, loving, nurturing and happy educational learning environment. Collaboration between teachers, parents and the children is an integral part of the educational experience we offer at ALC.  We extend this connection to our community of parents.  Our educator's' role is to enhance each child's level of learning, challenging them to develop and foster the child in ways that encourage the development of new talents and new-found abilities to allow the child to prosper in life with these new skills and confidence. Children will build their learning and development with determination and enthusiasm while learning how to discover knowledge and improve their communication skills as they plan.  Our goal is to help them become prepared to excel successfully in their lives throughout their educational years and beyond in their future.  

Our Program Highlights

• Qualified Private School
• Licensed and Insured
• Elementary School Preparation
• Security Camera Monitored
• Florida Department of Children and Family Licensed
• Staff is CDA, DCF, Birth/Elementary CPR and First-Aid Certified
• APPLE Accredited and Member of the FACCM 

• VPK Extended-Day Program (8:00am-4:00pm)

• Free State-of-the-Art STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  Education Program with iPad enhanced learning

• Free breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all students

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