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Nutritious Meals 

Our food program consists of a warm delicious breakfast, lunch, and snack, which are provided to students on a daily basis. This arrangement is free of charge! The meals are provided by a licensed and distinguished food catering company that delivers the food to the school each morning, where it is then received, inspected, and distributed, by our professional staff. Parents are not to send food from the outside and onto the school premises. Parents should advise our staff and administrators if their child is allergic to any of the meals provided, including any refreshments, such as water or milk, and condiments like ketchup. ALC's food program goes in accordance with the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) guidelines, which bases meals upon each child's age and the length of time they are attending school. Providing well-balanced meals throughout the day is our way of ensuring that students are indulging in healthy foods.

Click on the document below to view our nutritious menu.

The Real Benefits of School Meal Programs

Read up on how nutrition can affect children's performance in school!

Preventing Food Allergies in Children

Did you know if food allergies run in your family, your child is at risk of developing one, as well? See how you can decrease the risk by reading this article!

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